Sky is launching mobile network

sky is launching mobile network

Sky is launching mobile network |Sky’s chief executive, Jeremy Darroch, was bullish about its latest move. “Sky has a proven ability to launch new services, at scale,” he said. “We know our 11.5 million customers trust Sky to offer them the best quality and choice and have an appetite to take more from us.”

Now Sky launches a new strategy of business to start mobile services with O2 for bringing mobile operators and broadcasters more closer.

There is going a great discussion between O2 and Whampoa that has not reached yet a final conclusion.Sky is going into the mobile market and will start its own network in 2016.
But whatsoever strategy they adopt ; they are determined to launch its own mobile networks and broadcaster networks in 2016.
And they would get access of carrier 2G, 3G and 4G services from its owner namely Telefnica.
Sky plans to launch new offerings of mobile voice and data services for customers. But Sky would initially depend upon Telefonica harware services.
Really it is going to be a big network consisting of Virgin Media and also TalkTalk, which signed a deal with the operator in November,
to offer phone, broadband, TV and mobile bundles.That means that sky is being a largest company over media and mobile broadcaster networks with low rates.
That would going to be a big flare for Vodafone.On the otherside skye is starting trials over 200,000 picked  customers.
the technology will all be running on O2’s phone  mast and infrastructure, customers will see only the Sky brand, with billing and customer services provided by the Rupert Murdoch-dominated media company.

Sky quod play:

sky is going to be a quad play and is becoming a major trend for media innovation and more !
Now it is big challange for voda fone how to tackle this kind of situation where next users of vodafona may tend to involve into sky networks “a quod play network”.
It has been seen over some last years that vodafona has been facing this challange as how to ally with sky .
“Through our partnership with Telefonica UK,
“we can build on our expertise in content, innovation and service to launch a range of exciting new services and exploit the opportunities for growth in the fast-changing mobile sector.”said by Sky’s Group Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch.
Meanwhile Three owner Hutchison Whampoa has revealed plans to buy O2 for £10.25 billion.

 Sky Bundles :

On the other side called customers who are passionately waiting for new bundles to be offered in Market.
“As well as Vodafone’s  plans to offer broadband and TV, Sky had no choice but to launch its own mobile offer. For now, Sky is the undisputed leader in
triple play services said by Pescatore.And for existing and new customers are being notified that the first Sky mobile service will not be offered sooner than 2016.”
It is one of a series of major deals in recent weeks that have seen companies jostle for position to be able to
offer households bundled packages of fixed-line telephone, broadband internet, mobile and TV content. The deal means that Sky will be
able to offer content, fixed line, broadband and mobile services.

Sky Investors:

Investors had been concerned about Sky being left being on the shelf  after its arch-rival BT took over EE. Investors are looking there to invest their money with sky network ; people may fastly adopt this above strategy as being powered and excelled with money as with near and far future no other broadcasting and mobile company would ever chase up fast behind sky. That ‘s why people would invest fast in sky .However that is  the move is far less deep a commitment to mobile than that of BT, which is paying £12.5bn to buy EE outright.
Sky did not have the financial firepower to launch such a bid, so has entered into a partnership with Telefonica UK.
just my opinion.

How would voda fone handle this situation:
The move leaves only Vodafone on its own as a solo mobile and fixed line provider.
Vodafone will continue with its existing relationship with Sky, offering Vodafone customers access to Sky Sports on 4G.
But yesterday’s partnership was still seen as another missed deal for the UK mobile operator.

Subscribers of sky in 2015:

More than 10 million homes in Britain subscribe to Sky and it has succeeded in selling a growing number of services to customers in recent years.

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