Spider Poem By Steven Schwab Poet

Spider Poem By Steven Schwab Poet

A spider, a weaver, a phobia, an artist

Floating on strings too small to notice yet weaving intricate traps of beauty
Crawling, ascending invisible homes in a mechanical, systematic manner
Knowing, understanding the way they ensnare foes and caress them into nonexistence
Loving their craft and perfecting it, yet leaving many homes abandoned, foreclosed
A majestic trapeze on an invisible tightrope with no ball-pit of safety

A determined soul, a lonely mother, an intrinsic magician
Recycling old belongings as supports to a snowflake of web
Waiting, watching, crafting, feeding
All in one ‘two by two’ invisible home
A home that can shattered, torn apart, glued to unsuspecting demolitionists

A survivor, a tormentor, a nightmare,
A producer, an unspoken hero, a dream-catcher,
And a weaver of wonders in the face of terror