Spider Poem Written By Ben Brinkburn Jan 2013

Spider Poem Written By Ben Brinkburn Jan 2013

I have a spider in my drawer
in my cutlery drawer
and it’s cool
I like spiders
like cats and
as bloody difficult.

It’s been there three days now-
scuttling about.
And I’ve tried to rescue it;
it’s obviously forgotten about
the way it got in.
But hell, can I help?
No chance.

I try a knife. Metal.
Doesn’t like metal.
No way
I try my finger
tender exploration
then it pulls back.

‘Hell!’ I curse, ‘I’m trying to help you!’

Then it scuttles down towards
the spoon section.


I try a spoon

Still doesn’t like metal

I’m in despair

This cannot go on

but the little bugger needs at least
a fighting chance.

There’s some string in the drawer.
So I tug it out and the spider tentatively
feels it- backs away a little-
then feels it again.

I give it time.
I sense but do not know (exactly)
That spider time
may be different
from mine.

So I hang in there, wait.
And the spider climbs aboard
but I do not know for how long,
how long this will be for.

So I quickly put the spider on the floor.

And off it runs. Along the kitchen length,
under the door.
To who knows where.

But, good luck, I say.

Bloody good luck.

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