Spider Poem Written By Josh Harrison Oct 2012

Spider Poem Written By Josh Harrison Oct 2012

Josh Harrison Spider Poem

There was a story hanging there
from the edge of my bed
but its teller I didn’t want to know
so the story went unsaid

I thought I could ignor you hanging there
leave you to gently be
but after days you’re still there
I’ll admit you terrorise me

You crawl in through my eyelids
to my otherwise peaceful dreams
you mock me as your silence
seems to amplify my screams

and they keep on getting louder
because I keep them locked inside
and so they rage right through me
until everything I once was has died

They raped my dignity
disemboweled my calm
tortured vociferously
my very entity
after knawing through the logical side of my brain
so that the only part remaining
is the part that is insane

Now as I swing from side to side
from the rope you’ve spun for me
I see you joyously scurry by
maybe we’re both now finally free

And from my perch in heaven
If I ever look back down
I look at you and reflect that
I’d have done it differently second time round

I’d definetly heard you’re story
I’d have given it a chance
maybe we could have been great friends
and we could sing and laugh and dance

There’s plenty of your kind in heaven
and they’re all great dancers too
I regret I didn’t know you before
but now I look forward to meeting you

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