Spider Poem Written By Zero the Lyric Aug 2016

Spider Poem Written By Zero the Lyric Aug 2016

Zero the Lyric Aug 2016
What is the difference between
Verbatim and Vitamin? hmmn

Perhaps it is the fITe within
Or the beta, – before hand

This lense flare, without a care
For every Faustian Recluse
D-&serve; but a singlefinalfatal sear
From solar contact to lack of h-ear

There is little wonder to the webster’s
Perpetually lacking lexicon…
The Roman Frankenstein that IS
Protestant English.

From the truest intention of any scribe;
Can not run.

And as for those hospitals and serums–
Another handful for another animal…
I am but a wishful poet
Walking the shore for the beautiful bubbles of the water twin;
Sand Crab.

“To give away yourself keeps yourself still,
And you must live, drawn by your own sweet skill.”

I give my glory to the glory of nature

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