Spider Web Poem Written By Amber S May 2011

Spider Web Poem Written By Amber S May 2011

Spider Web Poem

Slowly, you lured me.
And then i ran into your web. and i was trapped.
Except, i don’t even care anymore.
I eagerly await your fangs
Your venom needs to run in my veins
But you’d rather fly away
Leaving me, empty.
I chase. and chase. and chase.
Forgetting you is impossible
Your fangs still linger over my neck
I welcome this spider web. my second home.
Your shadow haunts, and
Every time i think it’s you.
A muscle spasm, where are your hands?
A single tear, but no kisses
Twisting and turning in this sticky paradise
My eyes refuse to close
Insane must be me
Your fault. i can’t escape this web
I have chains, don’t you see?
You made them
I’m only yours.

But you’re gone.

Please return to my body
My pulse beats, dancing for you
My hair itches, waiting to be scratched
Instead, i stroke myself
My fingernails leave marks
I pretend it’s your porcelain back

I drink until i am full
I sing until i am deaf
I cry until there is no liquid left
In my body
Spider web, spider web, i’m still trapped.
Where are your fangs?