Spiders Families Genera Species Names | Scientist are busy in their research to observe new families genera species ,although they have been successful in their research but it is said that only approximately 1/3 of one half of total has been discovered and described.Below some Spiders Families Genera Species have been described in details.

Spiders Families Genera Species Names | Spider Sub Order Family Name Mesothelae

  1. Spider Liphistiidae Family has 8 Genera ,96 spider species  common name segmented spiders Kimura spider

Spiders Families Genera Species Names | Spider Sub Order Family Name Opisthothelae: Mygalomorphae

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  1. Spider Actinopodidae Family has 3 Genera 47 Species common name Missulena mouse spiders
  2. Spider Atypidae Family has  3 Genera ,51 species, common name purse web spiders Red legged purseweb spider
  3. Spider Antrodiaetidae Family has  2 Genera ,35 species, common name folding trapdoor spiders Antrodiaetus riversi
  4. Spider Ctenizidae Family has  9 Genera 130 ,species, common name Cteniza sauvagesi,cork-lid trapdoor spiders
  5. Spider Barychelidae Family has  42 Genera ,295 species, common name baboon spiders trapdoor spiders  Sason sundaicum
  6. Spider Dipluridae Family has  24Genera ,188 species, common name funnel-web tarantulas Spruce-fir moss spider
  7. Spider Cyrtaucheniidae Family has  11 Genera ,107 species, common name wafer trapdoor spiders Amblyocarenum nuragicus
  8. Spider Hexathelidae 12 Genera ,113 species, common name venomous Sydney funnel-web spider  funnel-web tarantulas
  9. Spider Euctenizidae Family has  7 Genera ,75 species, common name Aptostichus simus
  10. Spider Idiopidae Family has  22 Genera ,323 species, common name Black rugose trapdoor spider
  11. Spider Mecicobothriidae Family has  4 Genera ,9 species, common name dwarf tarantulas
  12. Spider Migidae Family has  10 Genera ,91 species, common name tree trapdoor spiders
  13. Spider Nemesiidae Family has  45 Genera ,390 species, common name Black wishbone spider
  14. Spider Microstigmatidae Family has  7 Genera ,16 species, common name Envia garciai
  15. Spider Paratropididae Family has  4 Genera ,10 species, common name baldlegged spiders
  16. Spider Theraphosidae Family has  131 Genera ,981 species, common name tarantulas Goliath birdeater

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