Structure Of Mind

Structure Of Mind

To tap into your limitless mind, take action with strategy and do all actions in proven state, Now you are shifting yourself from thinking to practical.And all the winners of the world adopt this way and they are succussful.
There are different levels of awareness to which man can go and these limits come from himself .
As there comes a great deal of mental level here .
Brain really symbolizes of the scientific phenomna and at present and may be in near and far future, brain would  be a wonder for all even science. World is investing so much in every field but the major thing which is there something of a great deal should be
invested that is brain awareness.

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Structure of brain:
The human brain comprises of 6000 miles of wiring and cabling and can work of processing up to 30 billion bits of  information per second through its amazing 100,000 mile network of nerve fibres.One action or recation in one neuron can spread to hundreds of thousands of others in a span of less than 20 milliseconds about 10 times faster than we blink.

The human power plant consists of three central mechanisms that make up the whole .First there is a brain stem which is also called reptile brain . it is the brain that all of us share with lower life forms such as lizards,tigars,birds etc. The brain stem controls basic functions such as heart rate , breathing,thinking and working of aggression and instinct for example the fight or fight response when threat comes and works on us .It is responsible for self preservation
and perpetuation.
Second thing is the lymic system which controlls our emotions and harmones, hunger, sexuality pleasure , immune system etc. It helps in maintaining internal homestasis and it is the source of wrath,fight ,hate ,love ,passion etc.
Third component or mechanism is cerebral unit which is also called neocortex.It is also called thinking brain and  it is very complex thing and consists of neural cells capable of producing a symbolic language which makes a man capable of excercising intellectual tasks writing,reading ,performing mathematicals calculations etc.
These components can perform billions of complex tasks per second but on the other side we see central processing  unit which tries its best to copy human brain is about 100 decades away .
Any how now these components or mechanisms are shifting to artificial intelligence which are making our lives more easier and relaxe.

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Subconscious discovery:

in 1895 , Dr.Emile Coue broke new ground in affirmation techniques which cured patients in Europe and North America with recovery rates of 5 times faster than  our normal cure which is adopted by our doctors. What recovery technique he adopted : he taught his patients to repeat this affirmation for two mintues each morning and evening. the affirmation was: “i am getting better and better.”Actually our subconscious is the hardware of our mind ,simple to say it is hard drive where our data stores for ever in  very systematic and unsystamic way.

Now for every thought ,impression or awareness we consciously have , our experience is hundreds or more in our subconscious.

how to accelarate your mind:

Once you begin to focus your mind on what you want to become and cast aside those thoughts of self destruction and your inner thoughts of ambition will soon clothe themselves in their physical realities.Remember , always think highly of yourself, for the world will take you at your own best and profile estimate.

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