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Stunning facebook pages designs (And why they work)

One of the best things about Facebook Pages is the ability to have a customized landing tab. This piece of your fan page will be what new visitors to the fan page see, and it can help you increase conversions from your fan page in the form of additional likes.

How is a like on Facebook a conversion, you might ask? According to a recent study, the value of a Facebook fan is about $10 for a brand. And with the largest fan page topping out at 56 million “likes” (Facebook’s own, of course), you can do the math and see why gaining fans for your page is an important acquisition.

Examples Of Landing Tab Usage

The following are examples of Facebook landing tabs from celebrities, brands, and other fan pages that make the top Facebook pages based on number of fans.
There are a number of things you might want a Facebook visitor to do on your Facebook landing page.
Here are examples of beautifully designed landing pages organized by the primary conversion goal for the page.

Like Our Page

One of the top goals for a great landing tab is to get people to like your fan page. Here, Red Bull uses a combination of drawing attention to the Like button with the promise of unveiling hidden video content. It certainly has worked for them and their 24.6 million fans!

Rihanna’s fan page does the same, promising fans of the page exclusive content and fan missions. Once you like the page, you are greeted with a successfully completed mission, video premiere exclusive, and the ability to buy her latest album on iTunes.

This is the perfect way to combine conversion points of gaining new fans, getting them to share your page with their friends using the Post to Wall button, and directing them to purchase your products!
Of course, you don’t have to get fancy. Pringles makes you want to join the page simply to interact on their wall!

Talk about social proof in those status updates with the number of likes and comments, although the dates of the updates suggest they only interact on their wall sporadically.

Make A Purchase

Impulse buys are popular in grocery stores and retail stores alike, so why not on Facebook too? Victoria’s Secret has the perfect last minute gift right on their landing tab. You can buy a gift card for your Facebook friend, right on their page!

Once you’ve customized your gift card, you can have it sent to them via Facebook or Email. The beauty for Victoria’s Secret is that sending it through Facebook will post it on your recipient’s wall. So not only did they make a sale, but they’ll get some advertising on your friend’s personal profile too!

Visit Our Website

iTunes takes the familiarity of their store and puts it right on their Facebook landing tab with every link leading you back to their platform. They also keep some Facebook functionality in by letting you share songs from their top playlists to your Facebook profile.

So maybe if you don’t buy, you might share one of your favorite tunes with your friends and they’ll stop by to make a purchase!

Texas Hold’em Poker is the #2 most popular Facebook page with 54.3 million fans. Their green Play Now button leads you directly to their app where you can play poker on Facebook itself. The addiction factor from there is huge with the ability to play friends and get “collectibles.”

Experience Our Brand

You don’t always have to hide content in order to generate likes. Sometimes you just have to display your brand’s strong points. Coca-Cola highlights their Like button while showing how they help the environment and who wouldn’t fall for cute polar bear cubs? 36.4 million fans certainly have!
Walmart also takes the initiative to turn their landing tab for the holidays to show their charitable ways for nonprofits.
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