Transforming Thoughts Into Real


Transforming Thoughts Into Real

Transforming thoughts into real |What did you learn about yourself? Are you challenging yourself enough? Are you forgetting about the obstacles to get there and deciding what you want based on your dreams?
The road may not be easy… but remember:

PETER MARSHALL |Transforming thoughts into real

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure…
Pressure is not a bad thing… stress can reap great things… challenges make us stronger and obstacles are the building blocks that will shape our success in the end.

Some day years from now you will look back at your life. At that time, if you ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with the road I took; could I have done more?”
How will you answer that?

*** Remember, the pain is temporary, the results are forever ***

Role of Decision in Your Life

  1. What decisions have you made?
  2. Without a decision, there is not direction in our activities…
  3. Why am I telling you this and some of these other things? You might be thinking… “I thought this Report was about motivation!?”

Role Of Motivation In Your Life Changing Behaviour

Well… Motivation can be found, but motivation by itself will not lead to a bountiful harvest!

Are You Really Guided Right

You can be really motivated to do things, but if the actions you are taking are misguided, the results will be useless or even damaging. This is why the decisions you make are so important. And it’s also why the right decisions are so important.

  1. How do you make a decision of what direction to take with your business online?
  2. How do you make a decision to reach for the type of success that right for YOU?

So many people don’t take the time out.Can I tell you something?

I hope so… If I can’t I’m going to anyway!

If you were to take 3 days off and focus on your decisions about where you are going, you may find yourself at your destination A LOT faster.

Many of us don’t take the essential time we need to concentrate on our decisions as a whole.
We will make a small decision here and there, but how do they affect the big picture?

Decisions can be looked at like a river

The main river that we follow though life is the one that is supposed to take us to our destination. All our rivers look different. Some are smooth as glass… some winding… some littered with rapids.

Some of them take us through beautiful country, while others take us through waste lands and terrible environments.

All our rivers also are fed by streams and smaller rivers

These are things that affect our decisions. Some go unnoticed and just blend in… not really affecting the flow; pure enough to blend with the current mixture and current.

Others push in quickly and disrupt the flow… maybe the river will carry with it periodic disruptions in the flow… swells… an increase in current and rapids.

Some may bring poison… some life.

Then along the way, there are bends and twists in the river that might push us to the banks and tempt us to jump ship.

You may come to a part of a river the splits in different directions…

Sometimes we have time to think about our direction, other times the current is to fast and we must make a quick decision that will echo throughout our lives… Negative or Positive.

What is counted for accurate decisions and beneficial decisions.

  • We need to have the End Decision… we need to know…
  • We need to decide what our destination is.
  • Otherwise… the river itself will have more influence on our lives than it should.

Why am I telling you this again? What do decisions have to do with motivation? Everything!
Because once we grab onto motivation, it feeds on results and the results
come from the decisions we make…

Transforming Your Thoughts…

Hopefully you are grasping these important building blocks. Without them motivation falls flat.

We all come from different backgrounds. Some of us struggle in life…other have everything handed to us. Some of us come from a loving and
supportive family; some of us are in a continuous state of fighting and live in Negative environments.

  • No matter what your past history is… no matter the environment you live in now… You have been given the ability by God to transform your thoughts.
  • You were born human. Human’s have the ability to self-direct. And it’s as easy to direct our minds negatively as positively.
  • BUT it takes a shift of thinking. It is time that you must need to STOP!

Step back and make a decision. If you are down… decide to concentrate on getting up. If your environment is mostly negative, concentrate on only the little bit of positive… They can take your body, but they can’t take your spirit and mind!

First Write Down You Goals

Right down your goals… right down who you want to be. Repeat to yourself everyday your desires. Remind yourself everyday that you are special and that your environment doesn’t decide who you are… not your past… not your present. It’s between you and God.

That’s it! Everything around you is temporary. It doesn’t have to be permanent.
I KNOW WHAT SOME OF YOU ARE THINKING!! That’s easy for you to say! You don’t understand my situation.

It is True that i don’t know what you are going through. I know what I’ve been through… and I can guarantee if I didn’t employ the things I’m teaching you in this guide… I wouldn’t be teaching the things I’m teaching you in this guide! I wouldn’t even be here.
We all have our own demons and obstacles to overcome. BUT… there is help
out there…
Some of you are OK. Some of you got it together and have a supportive
environment. Good…

No matter what your situation though, applying the things in this guide whole
heartedly will help you… it will.


So What Are the 5 Secrets for successful life

Well my friend… We’ve touched on a few above. Let’s go deeper…

1. Decisions | Transforming thoughts into real

  • Yes! That is the first secret. You must decide to be motivated.
  • Don’t look around you… it’s not a physical revelation.
  • It’s not in a book or website… it’s not at a seminar. It’s not contained in an audio or visual presentation.
  • It’s in your mind.
  • Repeat after me, “I will let myself be motivated”.
  • It does take some effort… it means tuning out the distractions.
  • Vistually speaking and truely speaking It means that you are planning to work and plan is working successfully.
  • You have to decide it’s time to put down your doubts and fears… you have to decide to give up some things. Motivation is dependent on the decision to let yourself be motivated.That’s the first secret.
  • Motivation Starts with a Decision to Let Yourself Be Motivated

2. “Acting as If”… you’ve already attained it |Transforming thoughts into real

  • Notice a lot of this is mental… it has nothing to do with your physical
    surroundings or the company you keep.
  • “Acting as if” is a powerful effort.
  • Be confident and sure about your direction.
  • And visualize that you have already achieved it… and act as if you have…
  • If you are poor… if you are beaten down… if life has given you a raw deal.
  • You ARE NOT going to be affective picking yourself back up if you remain in that state.
  • It is necessity of hour that you must take care of yourself and create the person you want to be.

Behave like the person you want to follow and you want to be.

  • Don’t complain to people about your problems. Work on your problems.
  • Attack them knowing they are only temporary.
  • Be confident in the end result by acting as if it is inevitable.
  • Act as if you have already accomplished that result.
  • Comb your hair. Carry your head high.
  • Help others… help others. Forget about your problems. Concentrate on
    lifting others up. In doing this, you can forget about your troubles.
  • Do business like you know what you are doing… maybe you don’t! Maybe you are unsure of yourself.
  • All the time I hear… “I’m a Newbie”… “I’m a Newbie so I apologize in
  • Stop! It’s OK if you are a Newbie, but loose the newbie mindset.
  • Don’t keep repeating it to yourself.
  • You know something? It’s just questions… even the experts have questions.
  • Concentrate on the building blocks. Don’t worry about not understanding how they all fit together; in time you’ll understand. In the meantime… Act As If… The Rest You Will Find Out.
  • Act like you have already achieved and watch what happens.
  • Alliances emerge… Joint Ventures emerge… become the person people want to know.
  • People don’t want to hang around people that are in the dumps.
  • Become a success magnet by acting like a success!
  • It is really depreciating idea that you don’t have to lot of money to be successful. Again… it’s a state of mind.

3. Plan | Transforming thoughts into real

  • Have a Plan! You got a decision… now you need to plan the journey!
  • It doesn’t have to be complex. Take an hour… jot down some notes.
    But have at least a pretty good idea of what it will take…
  • Maybe part of that plan includes continuing education. You don’t have to know everything to find motivation and to forge ahead!
  • A person with a plan is a person that can make decisions that will help them achieve the goals they have set quicker and easier.
  • If you don’t have a plan, how do you know what decisions to make along the way?
  • Put Together A Plan so that Motivation Will Have a Map to Follow.

4. Visualize | Transforming thoughts into real

  • See yourself achieving the prize…
  • See yourself walking down that path…
  • Visualize yourself as who you want to be…
  • It all ties in together. Your mental mindset must believe in what you are doing. You can’t move forward unless your mind sees the road.
  • Make a list… make an outline… make some notes.
  • Review them often. See yourself taking on the different stages to get where you want to go. Think about it…
  • If you do this enough… everyday, your mind will take control of those
  • You will find yourself driving your car thinking about your future…
  • You will find yourself in the shower solving problems…
  • You will find your mind wondering while doing the dishes…
  • The habit comes. In the beginning you have to build visualization into your routine, but eventually it will become your nature.
  • It should become your passion… A strong desire that develops out of a
    focused and deliberate effort to visualize your path.
  • Visualize and Provide a Clear Picture for Motivation to Embrace…

5. Action Combined with Faith | Transforming thoughts into real

  • We have covered a lot of ground in this small Report…You now know what you need mentally.
  • The 5th secret might actually surprise you…Action… Combined with faith?
  • This last secret involves forgetting everything I have told you up until now…Yes… you must work on all those things if you are going to stay motivated and make a better life for yourself and to achieve your hearts desires…BUT… NONE of it will just happen.
  • You don’t get motivated to act, you act and get motivated,Just act.
  • Everything in this Report involves action.
  • You must act to plan.
  • All of it… everything we do must first have action.
  • So here’s what you do now that we are wrapping this up.
  • Go back over this guide… study it. Work on areas that you need work
  • And just starting doing it! Not tomorrow!! NO! Today…Not next week!! NO! This week…Never wait for everything to be perfect. Even if you only got 5 minutes,act on something right now… start focusing on it.
  • Start filtering out the environment you are in and start visualizing the
    environment you will possess!
  • We are NOT a product of our environment. Remember that

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