types of storage engines


Types of storage engines

eBay Memory Engine
MySQL storage engines
eBay Memory Engine

Blackhole storage engine:

Blackhole storage engine represents the same general characteristics of its celestial namesake. Information is accepted through DML statements; however, this information cannot be retrieved because it is never actually stored.

Key Features of Blackhole:

No disk space requirements
Ideal for benchmarking
Very fast

Limitations of Blackhole:

Does not store data
Important Parameters
Does not support transactions

Uses for Blackhole

While it may seem that this table is impractical in a production MySQL system it does serve specifi c
benefi ts in isolated cases. Two example reasons for using Blackhole are for security and for replication
When important information is stored in the MySQL table outside of a fi rewall environment, for example, credit card details on a public website, the use of Blackhole combined with MySQL replication can ensure this data is never actually stored in the external database which is accessible for
possible attack.
Blackhole is used in a MySQL replication topology, this can speed up performance. You can also use Blackhole for selective tables on a master or slave servers to preserve the structure of the database schema and DML statements; however, the data is never stored.
Listing 3-13 shows how you can INSERT, UPDATE, and SELECT from a Blackhole table; however, the results are not as expected with a regular table:

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