Understanding Spider Poem Written By Adam Childs Nov 2014

Understanding Spider Poem Written By Adam Childs Nov 2014

Adam Childs wrote this poem in Nov 2014 when he was not fit and got negative impression
on his life and when he was done with poem ,he got lot of answers after writing Understanding Spider Poem.

Understanding Spider Poem

How I adore her ladyship
The beautiful Royal spider
Enthroned on her own dominion
She delicately threads her silky webb
Intricately weaving her beauty
As her home glistens in the sun
And sparkles in the dew
She sits silently in her center
As though floating in air
All eyes alight
Legs intricately placed on her many
Architectural angles, she demonstrates
Perfect dexterity and agility
Sitting as light as a feather
Perfectly Alert to all, ready and aware
For she controls all

Living my life like a light headed child
I wander freely, from place to place
But nerves begin to embrace
With eyes weighing on my back
An inner dread fills my soul
As I fear I have fallen in her Web
I twist, scrabble and struggle
But it’s no use for it is too sticky
Feeling her every movement
Making me sea sick on her web
Her eyes bearing down on me
I feel a thousand bricks on my back
My jellified legs begin to wobble
As she casts a shadow over me
I am wrapped in confusion of this spider’s control
Sticking and attaching her emotional ties
I freeze within the spider’s bite
I screech, shriek and holler
As I cry
And scream for mercy
But as spiders cannot hear
I find my destiny sealed


Looking to heaven above
I weep, I cry
To God for help
Then with all the lord’s elegance
A Beautiful Glorious spider
Began descending from heaven
A dignified Royalty, A great magnificence
A commander of both
Love and Respect
Adoring her graceful entrance
I collapse in her presence
Crouching down beside me
She comforts and caresses
Wrapping her legs around me like a very warm blanket
She lean’s in and whispers, in my ear
“Bite her”, I cried
I am a good person I cannot bite her
Raising her voice she repeats
BITE HER !!!!!!

She pushes me further
Into this Silent world
Where there is no anger, no fear ,
No vengeance or guilt
No judgement , good or bad
No love or hate
I lie within this silent world
Somewhere beyond it all
With this clinically clear mind
Like an SS soldier, I strike without thought
Quickly and decisively
Biting hard I bury my teeth deep
A tear drops from my eyes
As I hear her yelp
I feel remorse and regret
As like with a long lost friend
My emotions return
I see her distress and confusion
But I am pulled back as I am told
She needs to find the center of her own Web

Through understanding
Her Majesty, Her Royalty
And loving her complete magnificence
We discover the anti venom
By understanding her venom
Through the unification of that understanding
We can all learn to be
The commander of our own domain
As I give my love to the Royal Spider

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