what is angularjs



what is angularjs

why we use angularjs

angular js is javascript framework developed by google and it is on its way to ease development.
Angular Js gives a robust “SPA” frameowork for building robustclient -centric application.
It has following features as follow:

  1. data binding
  2. mvc
  3. history
  4. history routing
  5. jqlite
  6. routing
  7. templates
  8. factories
  9. testing
  10. viewmodal
  11. controllers
  13. dependency injection
  14. directives
  15. services
  16. controllers
  17. validation

what is directive:
A directive is really a way to teach HTML new tricks.
The web when it first came out was really just designed to display static pages. As we all know it’s become very dynamic and we’ve dealt with that pretty well.
jQuery came out many years ago and it provided a way to do it. Even before then we could use raw, vanilla JavaScript.
Angular takes it up a whole notch and allows us to extend HTML very easily by simply adding attributes, elements or comments.
dependency injection comes in because your module might actually rely on other modules to get data.
And more to see go to angularjs

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