what is difference between googlebot and seo



what is difference between googlebot and seo

A website crawler is important as search engine focuses on it and enhances the chances of search.
Search engines first crawls website itself and then displays its results to public and seo is going to be secondary thing.
Googlebot first accesses a site’s robots.txt to find out the rules for crawling the site. Any pages
that are disallowed will not be crawled or indexed. A robots.txt is essential is because it serves as a directive
to the Googlebot. Googlebot will spend its crawl budget on any pages on your site. You need to tell the Googlebot
where it should and shouldn’t expend crawl budget.So google gives it a great important as more crawling it happens to google about your site,
the more traffic it gives to your site in return.

Difference between seo and googlebot

How we can make our website more google friendly
So modify robots.txt accordingly.Googlebot checks first crawling structures then moves forward.
Now we come to the definition of googlebot which crawls your site.

Google’s Googlebot suggests that “Googlebot shouldn’t access your site more than once every few
seconds on average.” In other words, your site is always being crawled, provided your site is accurately
accepting crawlers.
What is Googlebot?
Googlebot is Google’s search bot (also known as a spider) that crawls the web and creates an index.
Googlebot gives to your site is called “crawl budget.” The greater a page’s
authority, the more crawl budget it receives.
Normally simple developers now focus just development , they do not notice the structuring so they rank less their site in google.

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