what is difference between html and html5

What is difference between html and html5?
First i would like to tell you that html5 is the revised version of html .
Now there are introduces new tags such as

  1. section
  2. video
  3. nav
  4. meter
  5. time
  6. aside
  7. canvass
  8. progress

new input attributes such as

  1. date
  2. time
  3. input
  4. url

Global attributes as

  1. id
  2. tanindex
  3. repeat-x
  4. repeat-y etc.

New attributes are introduces such as

  1. charset
  2. ping
  3. asychronous

One more purpose to introduce html5 is that it could be more compatible with modern and updated browsers,
and we normally use html5 now as it gives way to responsive design and downward compatibility.
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