What is difference between wamp and lamp


 What is difference between  wamp and lamp

The LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (or Perl) is one of the most important servers you might ever set up.VS wamp (windows apache mysql and php) both are there on way and running but the taste you would get through linux or its version (ubunto etc.) is a unique as it is best used when you want to use php framework where mostly needs composer and other apache server settings basically wamp is good and I have been using it for one year or more but when talk and work goes to php framework it halts your work and slows a little pace so it is secret idea and trick while using a framework it is best to use lamp .
Both lamp and wamp have their own benefits and their importance we cannot deny it is real!
We are little biased to wamp when we are using windows version as it is specifically developed for this way ! and it is quite easy to install wamp when we are using windows and istalling lamp is also easy but it is a little tricky one so be sustained and patient as linux is already installed on your machine so one thing is ok that is your platform now just you need a terminal when you would make your way to install lamp(linux,apache, mysql and php ).