what is Maria


what is Maria

Brief note on maria storage engine:

Maria crash save feature really amazing as it gives fast level crash saving to auto save and saves users from any accidental happenings.
The Maria storage engine also has a unique history. Originally part of a supported MySQL 5.1 branch of the official product, Maria is now the storage engine of MariaDB, a new MySQLcompatible product created by the original MySQL founder, Michael “Monty” Widenius.

Design of Mari

Maria is designed as a replacement to MyISAM including new features such as automatic crash recovery, foreign keys, and in the future, transactional support. An easy way to think of MariaDB is to consider the relationship with CentOS and Red Hat. This includes all the features of the original product and the closest compatibility but also value added features that are user friendly and hopefully may become features of the original product in the future.

Key Features of maria storage engine:

Transactional (in 2.x versions)
supporting ACID compliance, MVCC,
row-level locking
Crash save
Higher insert concurrency
Improved code quality
While we can download a historical version of Maria from the MySQL offi cial web site in the 6.0.11 archive version as used with the Falcon engine, all current development is included in MariaDB and is available from http://mariadb.com.

storage engines types

Inno DB
eBay Memory Engine
MySQL storage engines
eBay Memory Engine

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