WordPress plugin checklist


WordPress plugin checklist

Best way to document wordpress plugin
documenting wordpress plugin is very important feature as This can save time in the future
when revisiting your code for updates. It can also help other developers understand your code logic.
wordpress pluging checklist as follows belows:
your code properly documented is also an important step .This checklist you can be confident you have a proper plugin
foundation for your new plugin:
Determine a unique and descriptive plugin name.
Is the name descriptive of your plugin’s function?
Have you verified the plugin doesn’t exist in the Plugin Directory?
Set a unique plugin prefix.
Is the prefix unique enough to avoid conflicts?
Firsrt create your plugin folder structure.

  1. Create php directory if needed.
  2. Create css directory if needed.
  3. Create images directory.
  4. Create js(javascript) directory if needed.
  5. Create your primary file named the same as your plugin folder.
  6. Create your default plugin files.
  7. Create the uninstall.php file for your uninstall procedures.
  8. Create your plugin’s header code.
  9. Set your plugin name as you want it displayed.
  10. Never forget to tally Author URI and Plugin URI
  11. set description about your plugin
  12. version system for your plugin is very important if you want to enhance it .
  13. If possible write license details.
  14. Check your plugin needs which version.
  15. Check your plugin needs default options.
  16. Never forget to write plugin activation function.
  17. Write deactivation function for your plugin.
  18. Write uninstall.php file.
  19. Write file references.
  20. Write all necessary scripts for uninstall.php
  21. Reinvent the wheel where ever possible as wordpress itself has lot of possibilities itself ; so use its functionality.
  22. Never modify the core files by your plugin as it would create future null chances for your plugin to be downloaded so far.
  23. First search relevant plugin in wordpress ; so you would get more information about plugin you want to develop.

WordPress plugin development is very nice phase if properly handled .While developing wordpress plugin;never forget to follow above principles that would create much credibility about your plugin.

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