WordPress weather best plugins

WordPress weather best plugins

1. Weather and Weather Forecast Widget

Get the most beautiful weather info on your WordPress site using Weather Underground or Worldweatheronline!.Multilingual widget (Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish) with shortcode functionality shows current weather and forecasts for the next nine days for any location, at yours or at your visitors home – detailled infotexts for current weather and forecasts on mouse over – multiple installation

2. Animated weather widget by weatherfor.us

Weather for us widgets that get accurate and beautiful weather forecasts without worrying about any complicated configurations.

3. ICIT Weather widget

An easy to use, elegant weather widget to work in most sidebar and widget locations.

4. Weather Forecast – WP Wunderground

Get accurate and beautiful weather forecasts powered by Wunderground.com for your content or your sidebar.

5. Simple Weather

Shows current weather for specified location.

6. Skysa weather widget

By Installing this weather widget your users can see weather updates for their location on your website through Skysa bar. You can get forecast, various units and really beautiful, eye pleasing weather status that instantly seeks attention of your visitor. The weather widget plugin loads from our optimised servers to server the best version according to users browser; thus the plugin feels as snappy as possible.

7. My Weather

Display your city’s weather on your sidebar. Choice of widget designs and sizes.

8. wp-forecast

wp-forecast is a highly customizable plugin for wordpress, showing weather-data from accuweather.com and/or weatherbug.com

9. Yahoo! Weather

Show your favorite location weather, very easy to customize and support multi-widget and custom css stylesheet and script for adding the style

10. Weather sidebar widget

The Weather sidebar widget shows current weather and forecasts for the current day and the next three days for any location you choose.

11. Weather Spider

Place clean, nice-looking weather forecasts from weatherbug.com within your blog and sidebar.

12. NOAA Weather

Get NOAA weather information in the sidebar for your locale. Note that NOAA reports weather for US States, Commonwealths, & Territories only.

13. World weather – WWO

14. WeatherButton Widget from the Weather Network

WeatherButton Widget for WordPress from The Weather Network

15. Weather Layer

Display weather data on your blog thanks to Yahoo! Weather. Example of use : [weatherlayer country=”France” city=”Paris”]

16. Advanced NOAA Weather Forecas

Advanced NOAA Weather Forecast is a tool for displaying weather forecast and update in your website.

17. Google Weather 4 WP

This plugin was made to show google weather info on wordpress. It was designed to fit the needs of a customer of virtual2.

18. Ajax Weather

Ajax weather service is developed for the users not familiar with computer systems, for example, the elderly. Included in web pages as a left/right bar, this module delivers a local weather information automatically without user’s intervention. Furthermore, end users may change the location of interest by entering zip code or name of city that may give them a fun and attract them to computer systems.

Source taken from freebiesdesign.com

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