World Amazing Spiders | Spiders do not need any kind of introduction,in fact, they introduce themselves by entering into any house where they want and stay there as long as they want ,they become hosts of dwelling house but become enemy of other insects.

But alarming situation is there ,spiders are great species of spiders which have venomous fangs and many cases are reported all over the world that spiders bites may cause death to victim after some days or all of the sudden.


Spiders have long history and research is going on them.Which spiders are venomous or dreadful or poisonous to human.About 1/3 of 1 half of total ,spiders families species genera have been discovered  and described.

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Spider Taxonomy

Spider have order of Arhropd belongs to class of Archnida.Spiders have 46000 thousands species till now .How we can name spider,actually spider taxonomy began with primitive
legend name of Araneae.Old people have mostly same names for spiders
but few of them have their own notion about spiders.Some considered them like sun as their spiders 8 legs round depict like sun.In old primitive , they were considered as thing to be worshiped about?

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World Amazing Spiders Research Theory

Scientists are on their way to make new researches and they are doing constantly with the result of new species are being found.But they are in numerous number of species.
Linnaeus described 30 spider species after wards first Swedish naturalist Carl Alexander Clerck who published first binomial names of 67 species.After that , thoudsands new species have been described.
And there are many authors namely Tamerlan Thorell of Sweden,Eugène Simon of France,Embrik Strand of Norway,Herbert Walter Levi and Norman Platnick have
been described over thousands of spider species.They have described how spiders eat,how spiders feed ,how spiders habitat,how spiders live,what type of spiders are venomous or poisonous ,what are spiders genera etc. many more researches on way to be described and researched on.

Poisonous Spiders Bites Video