WRAP AROUND SPIDER DOLOPHONES CONIFERA | Why Wrap around spider is called for the reason its body is flatten one and seems part of tree limbs as so much like camouflaged. Wrap around spider belongs to family of Araneidae and first described in 1886.

Wrap Around Spider Scientific Classification

  1. Kingdom: Animalia
  2. Class: Arachnida
  3. Phylum: Euarthropoda
  4. Subphylum: Chelicerata
  5. Order: Araneae
  6. Family: Araneidae
  7. Genus: Dolophones
  8. Infraorder: Araneomorphae
  9. Species: D. conifera
  10. Binomial name :Dolophones conifera

Wrap-Around Spider has characteristic of wraping itself as it becomes a part of tree branch.Wrap Around Spider is eight legged spider and if we see it deeply it looks so dreadful and fierce.Wrap Around Spider upper surface like conic shaped shield.
The size of Wrap Around Spider male is about 4-5 mm and female size is about 8 mm.Wrap Around Spider from Australia can be found at very great scale as there is no doubt spiders homeland country is Australia ;the reason behind all this is greenery of Australia where you see greenery at great level.Dolophones conifera Wrap-around Spider (Keyserling, 1886) shape like a flattening body itself and tug like a twig when you it climbs on bark or tree branch.The lower body of the wrap around spider curved type and they take rest in the morning and while hiding from the eyes of world,they build large vertical orbs webs as sun sets.

Wrap-around spider has a concave underbelly.Wrap around spider is hard to find as of its skin color and structure ,it purely seems a part of a bark of tree and Wrap around spider so much camouflaged you would feel it is squished one but sorry to say and wonder is there when you feel movement in your fingers and blood suddenly runs fast in your vein as Wrap around spider moves around ,amazing thing about it is considered not only bark type spider but also some of its family species are venomous to human health.

Wrap-Around Spider Dolophones Conifera 8 legged spider has nick name of “wrap around spider”.Really what this name suggests it really is as the below picture caches all of your attentions when it twists its body naturally and you believe it is really happening.Squeamish body of wrap around spider seems like nothing but part of tree branch and when touched undecided ,you then realize it is really a creature.

Picture of Wrap Around Spider

Wrap around tree spider a fiction story :

Some people just considered first in the past that it is fake fiction and asked question of “is the wrap-around spider real ?”.Technical and scientific term for wrap around spider is Dolophones Conifera.These Australian wrap-around spiders have many shapes found in Australia as pictures of wrap-around spiders are given below for full understanding of it.Wrap-around spiders you feel like a spider monkey.
Are wrap-around spider venomous :
Incredible wrap-around spider somehow are not dangerous and even not deadly not.These wrap-around spiders main location is Australia continent.But there are other also like indian wrap-around spiders ,they are found in India also.

Are Wrap-around spider dangerous :
Yes,they are dangerous in some species of spider family but mostly they are not and cause a little effect on bite spot if bitten on body of human.

Australian wrap-around spider size ?

Australian wrap-around spider size as mentioned above also is 5 mm and female australian wrap-around spider size is 8 mm ,females spiders are considered big and long than male ones.Dolophones turrigera wrap-around spiders possess a tall nearly cylindrical peak on top of the abdomen.
The habitats of wrap-around spider living ?
Wrap Around Australian Spider Dolphones turrigera is similar to other Dolophones species such as Dolophones conifera.The concave undersides of the Wrap Around Australian Spider Dolphones body is so much flexible laying on bark as they shape there in camouflage mood.

It was reported that The scary spider was  was found in Rotary Park Rainforest Reserve, Lismore, New South Wales.It is rare chance that you do not see this type of spider but mostly it is seen everywhere where there is bark of branches of tree exist conditionally.

For more research on wrap-around spiders, you can wikipedia or youtube it like wrap-around spider video etc.

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