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X MEN TRAILOR 2014 If you were one of the millions who caught this summer’s time-hopping, mind-fogging X-Men: Days of Future Past, you probably left the theater as confused as you were enthralled: With so many of the franchise’s biggest characters hopping through different timelines and iterations, it was hard to know exactly where things stood in the mutant universe, and what to X-pect from future films.

Luckily, Days of Future Past screenwriter co-writer Simon Kinberg is here to help. In this the exclusive clip above, he answers Yahoo Movies readers’ questions about where the series has gone and where it’s going: What’s the proper chronology for all 7 X-Men films? Did Future Past’s twists and turns render some of the previous films obsolete? Why were Rogue’s scenes cut from Future Past? And, most intriguingly, will the classic X-Men characters and cast members — including Storm (Halle Berry), Cyclops (James Marsden), Jean Grey (Fame Janssen) — play a role in the forthcoming X-Men Apocalypse?

Find the answers to all of these and more in the above clip. And look out for X-Men: Days of Future Past when it’s released on home video on Oct. 14.

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